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Most of our infrastructure business comes from working on municipal projects whether it's at the State, County or City level. Building projects, however, come from the private sector as often as the public sector.

We usually are retained upon the awarding of a bid by a City or County to a qualified contractor, generally to provide independent project cost analysis and/or construction management services. We are retained to provide additional project cost savings and cost containment; however, also to ensure the project stays on budget, it's completed on time and according to the specifications provided by the architect or engineer.

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We provide our clients, services essentially with no out-of-pocket expenses, since typically our fees are funded by part of the cost savings we generate thru experienced negotiations with the general contractor.

Below is a list of typical projects we provide cost containment services for:



New Interchange
Road Construction/Medians
Recreational Parks
Baseball / Soccer Fields
Football Fields / Tennis Courts
Picnic and Playground Areas
Racetracks / Motorsport / Equine
Tunnels / Bridges

Offices / Hotels
Tennant Improvements
Shopping Centers
Administrative Buildings
Convention Center / Tourism Offices