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About Robert Castells

Robert Castells, M.B.A George Washington university.

Mr. Castells is the CEO and Founder Of Eastco Development and Westco Development, has 30 years experience in the development of 5 million square feet of of shopping centers,regional, destination, lifestyle and mixed used projects; including office, entertainment, restaurants, hotel and residential components.

Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Castells was a partner in Starwood-Ceruzzi: A private REIT formed in 1985 between Starwood Hotels/Capital and Ceruzzi properties. During this period from 1985-1995, he was executive vice president of all divisions and involved in the development of 6 million square feet of Shopping Centers, Big Box, Office parks, mixed use projects including 30 full service hotels.

Robert Castells's experience was predominantly ground up development, starting with raw land, securing all entitlements and approvals, including the leasing, construction, marketing, and management. Besides development and leasing for third parties such as Banks and municipalities, Mr. Castells offers Advisory and joint-venture services with the purpose of not only assisting, but also bringing the highest and best use for unfininished developments lacking the required expertise and relationships with national tenants. Services also include rebidding, cost containment, asset disposition/workouts, redevelopment, as well as, obtaining all necessary approvals.

Joint ventures with other developers, as well as land owners, rely on Eastco Development/Westco Development for added value at any stage of the development process. Cost containment is basically free of fees, since we get paid from the significant savings we ussually generate by rebidding the project, as well as rent renegotiations we normally succeed in getting (even if the party has hired a contractor, we come in, review their contract and are successful in bringing down the projects costs by finding more economical but qualified contractors).

Mr. Castells can be reached via email or by calling (760) 564-0789.