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Commercial Real Estate Disposition Services

Westco Development has been offering advisory services tailored to help real estate owners make informed decisions on real estate disposition for over 30 years. Our ever growing market base and positive results is clear proof that our methodology is effective and our outcomes are lucrative.

Here are some facts on what you can expect from us:

Professional Service

Our Company is run and managed by high skilled personnel who are committed and determined to help investors generate maximum profits from their commercial real estate properties. We know that commercial real estate disposition is complex and challenging even to seasoned investors. We have come up with criteria that helps to ensure that all possible scenarios are considered during the decision making process. In addition, our experts will furnish you with recommendations appropriate for a prompt and smooth disposition agreement.

Project Management / Property Management Services

Westco Development provides project management services to other developers/owners, including banks and municipalities. We are experienced in providing project management services, before or during a project's beginning. We also provide property management services upon completion of project.

Approvals / Entitlements for Projects

Since Westco Development's property portfolio is comprised of mostly ground-up projects, whereby, Westco, starts with a piece of raw land and then obtains all the necessary approvals/entitlements and permits necessary to start construction, we are qualified to assist property owners obtain all required approvals and permits, as well as maximize the buildable square feet which enhances the property's value.

Maximizing the square footage and obtaining approvals is one of our core strengths, which differentiates Westco Development from other developer/owners, as well as assisting municipalities and banks who are holding foreclosed property, dispose of those assets at the highest possible price.

Other Available Services

Each property owner, whether be a developer/owner, a bank who has foreclosed on a property and needs assistance, to municipalities who own and wish to develop the property and maximize its value or other entity whose needs are different. In order to meet the diverse client’s needs, we offer a wide array of advisory services that are categorized in several groups such as: assess restructuring, asset acquisition/ disposition, redevelopment and leasing, construction management and joint ventures. We are confident that our services will satisfy your project's requirements.


Robert E. Castells, founder of Westco Development, and its seasoned staff have been involved in the ground-up development of more than 7 million square feet of shopping centers, properties with a hotel, restaurant, residential, movie theater, offices and entertainment components.

Additionally, Westco Development provides consulting/advisory services to all types of property owners, whether a bank, another developer, municipalities, retailers or other users in the disposition, redevelopment, leasing, construction management/cost containment, fast tracking of approvals/permits and joint ventures.

You can count on us for all your real estate disposition needs. Contact us today for more information or consultation.

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